Executive Recruitment

The Council

The role of the Council

Our Council is our governing body. It sets our strategy and goals to ensure we're doing all we can to protect the public's health and safety across the UK. 

Here you will find information about our Council Chair and its members, which includes six medical professionals and six members with no medical background. It covers what is expected of all our members and what committees each member sits on.

The Council's responsibilities

Council is responsible for the overall control of the organisation; it provides strategic leadership to the GMC and holds the executive to account. It ensures the organisation fulfils its statutory and charitable purposes to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.

The Council:

  • Exercises strategic leadership and strategic decision making, including setting the GMC’s overall goals and high-level policies, defining its mission and values, and shaping a positive organisational culture.
  • Holds the Chief Executive and his/her team to account, ensuring that the GMC fulfils its statutory duties and charitable purpose. This includes making sure that it has effective governance systems in place, setting appropriate schemes of delegation, and ensuring probity in all its activities.
  • Ensures that the GMC maintains effective relations with key interests and that processes are in place for meeting its obligations to other organisations.
  • Sustains and monitors its own performance, overseeing the recruitment of members, and develops the capacity to work effectively.

For more information about the work of the GMC, please visit its website: www.gmc-uk.org

Who sits on the Council?

Council is made up of six medical professionals and six lay (non-medical) members.  We currently have a vacancy for a registrant member and will be recruiting in due course.

  • Dame Clare Marx (GMC Ref No: 2387293): Chair of Council and registrant member, England
  • Mr Steven Burnett: Lay member, Wales
  • Lady Christine Eames: Lay member, Northern Ireland
  • Professor Anthony Harnden (GMC Ref No: 2807869): Registrant member, England
  • Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: Lay member, England
  • Professor Deirdre Kelly (GMC Ref No: 2598565): Registrant member, England
  • Professor Paul Knight OBE (GMC Ref No: 2343239): Registrant member, Scotland
  • Dame Suzi Leather: Lay member, England
  • Dr Raj Patel MBE, (GMC Ref No: 3103487): Registrant member, England 
  • Dame Denise Platt DBE: Lay member, England
  • Miss Amerdeep Somal: Lay member, England 
  • Miss Alison Wright: (GMC Ref No: 3498288): Registrant member, England

You can read the full profiles of Council members here.